MinimalDaneben Podcast #22


Hello again! This time we have Karsten Schmidt on the show. He is a Berlin based DJ known from clubs like "Sysiphos", "Birgit & Bier", "Süss war Gestern" and the legendary "Tresor". Karsten Schmidt is one of Berlin’s “Wendekinder”, or one of those, who witnessed the wall dividing the city falling, which kick-started the development of the underground electronic music culture in Berlin. This lead to him establishing a connection with electronic music from its early days.
Like many others who began their musical journey as frequent visitors of clubs like Bunker, the old Tresor, Walfisch, E-Werk, WMF, he made contact with known and unknown DJs, who deeply influenced him and he began his intensive exploration of electronic music. Even if the popularity of many of those music pioneers and idols he met early on changed in time, his love for the music didn’t, as well as his desire to exceed the limits of 4/4.
This is how it came to be, that Karsten Schmidt’s all time favorites belong not only to the Disco, House and Techno classics, but also incorporate musical influences from Ambient to Drum’n’Bass. Along with Giorgio Moroder, Lil’ Louis, Carl Craig, Underground Resistance, Moritz von Oswald, such names as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher or Jean-Michel Jarre belong to his musical background.
Given this history, you can expect to hear many nuances and surprises in his sets. Even those, who love music from the past, can check some of his current sets, where among the latest and future hits some old-school gems can be discovered.

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Release date:  
July 20, 2015